[Myth] White Dots on Nail = Someone Have a Crush on You?

Posted by : Yayang Juniarta

Photo by Me :)
Photo by Me 🙂

Some myth among people said the white spots on nails could mean that somebody might have a feeling for you. Is it true?

My first post on this blog!

Well, lately i’ve been looking at my fingers and saw my nails have white dots on it. Did you ever had it too?

Actually i have it pretty often but okay, it’s not important anyway. There’s a myth among people, if we have the white dots on our nail, somebody might like us. Could it be true? I actually don’t think it’s true because, seriously, if it’s true I should have thousand dots because I know, many people like me. Okay, kidding, you can hit me.

So, have you ever wonder what it actually is? After a short period of googling, i found out the name of it is Leukonychia. It’s often called white nail or milky nail. It could appear if you use a wrong nail care product. Beside that, the white nail could mean the nail is lacking vitamin, some minerals, and calcium. The white nail is harmless, it will disappear once you cut it. Just wait till it reach to the top of your finger and then cut it.

But if you got the white spots on all of your fingers, the leukonychia could linked with some serious disease such as heart problem, anemia, diabetes, and liver problems. You maybe should see the doctor if this happens.

Now you know that the white nail doesn’t mean somebody might like you but it’s lacking vitamins and calcium! So if you got the white nail, don’t be happy and wondering who has fallen for you. It’s the body way of telling you it needs more vitamins.

Well, that’s it! I hope it’s useful! See ya!





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